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2018 has been a year of learning and growing, no doubt. It started very low and difficult with a lot of hard decisions, but what I have to remember and tell myself often is that I'm so lucky to do what I love everyday and I"m just so thankful. Why can't that happiness...

I’m going to talk about mental health for a second. I know that May was Mental Health Awareness month and I missed the boat on this, but the truth is, I was scared to be so honest and share my story.

Mental health is the scariest subject on the planet right now, if you...

I am not perfect. I am the farthest thing from perfect. But neither are any of you. I’m messed up. But so is everyone else in one way, shape or form. I deal with stress in a certain was as does everyone else in their different ways. When faced with adversity, we all re...

March 18, 2018

Most of us have at one point in our lives have had a negative thought or millions about ourselves. Whether we're looking in the mirror, picture, video, snap, whatever, we've all had thoughts of negativity on ourselves. Where it all began for you to think those thoughts...

February 14, 2018

Today, though it may be a day to celebrate the loves in our lives, it marks for me the day I left the Corporate world behind, took a huge leap of faith and took on Fitness full time! And guess what? I'm never going back. Don't lose me on this one, this may get long :)...

As we enter the holidays, I have to sit back, breathe and remind myself of how lucky I am. I am SO grateful for many things I that I can't even begin to count. But why is it so hard to see that all the time? Why do our minds constantly shift every second to various thi...

September 20, 2017

As you may already know, I've  been active my entire life. I have videos of young Sarah dancing around in the foyer of my house at age 3 bustin' a move to amazing late 80s jams. You could see the complete joy it brought me to just blast music and "dance" everywhere not...

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September 20, 2017

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